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We often categorize ourselves as light-skinned or dark-skinned or even more perplexing, brown-skinned.  We categorize ourselves on a color wheel that isn’t even really a color wheel.  The truth is, we’re all brown, but our skin has been blessed with so many different hues of brown.  Hueman Sol is committed to positively disrupting the narrative about skin tone so that women of color can proudly embrace their natural hue. Let’s change the narrative of what society and the history of white supremacy has created.  Your skin very well may be lighter than your other melanin friends or it may be darker than those around, but it should not be the defining element on the scale of how beautiful you are.  Instead, your unique hue should be the jewel that highlights your beauty, both inside and out.  Let’s change the narrative and create our own color wheel together.

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Don't see your glow reflected here?  Hueman Sol celebrates inclusion.  Please complete the form to request for your glow to be considered as a part of Hueman Sol's color wheel.  

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Thanks for submitting!

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